26 Oct 2013

Wake Up call....

 yet fast asleep, 
 in reverie, an alarm rings
 Wake up- it conveys frenziedly
 prompting my awareness 

 scars of ignorance
 intrinsic to my being
 Chasten all taints with love 

 Soft breeze,
 brushes my soul
 absorbing all inertia
 divulging chunks of sparkle
 unveiling a panorama of mysticism

 the divine soiree
 distanced all that was tumultuous 
 by fetching an opulence of peace
 Rare occurrence, an elegant souvenir

 eternal flower
 blooming with purity
 ever reigning in the halcyon
 a virgin arena of dispersed world

 I woke up
 for the first time
 from a long sloth sleep
 instilled with consciousness 
 and an invigorating aroma of substance...


A masterpiece of God's creation, 
bestowed me with marvelous elation.

As I watch the magical process with glory,
A caterpillar turns into a pretty butterfly.

Lover of flowers, prince of garden, 
belonging to eternal spring of Edan.

Delicate lacy wings sway without noise,
Angelic swing is poise with no choice.

Effortless flight, indeed a delicious sight,
Onlooker go unblinking with colour fest, 

Butterfly sips flavour of sweet honey, 
with no hurry or worry, only moments merry. 

A butterfly’s life is short, an irreversible sort, 
yet a tiny fly taught, how to live life a lot.

A sudden vision mirrored of a livid being..
pristine truth surfaced, I am a human being. 

Compressed cocoon my domain, shadows forlorn and thick,
restless hermit as I remain, freedom of air I seek.

Metamorphosis only revolution as prognosis, I conform
Old robes shed as I form, new wings sprout what a reform!

I am on a verge of flight, with gusto I fly
and flutter like a butterfly, my dream, I comply.

God On Earth....

Upon virtues, a blessed soul is chosen on earth who stands unique for the children. Majestic crown named ‘God On Earth’ bestowed exclusively eligible for the most deserved one. Mom, you are that special one the crowned queen. No one is as perfect as you are for that great honour to carry with upmost honesty and responsibility.

Your selfless love flows like ganges towards your children throughout life nourishing and guiding them. The moment you become a mother you transformed from a mere woman to a warrior for your children. You possess the most protective shield called love. Shadows of fear can not penetrate and you make sure you are the safest bunk on earth for them. You tell them stories that are full of wisdom and your lullaby make them sleep peacefully. Your bosom is always warm and supple with love for your children and they often seek shelter and you provide that with joyful pride. Suddenly the meaning of your life changes and you started to dream for your children. You sacrifice everything for their happiness and better future. Your life and dreams revolves around your children. As every breath you take in you make sure your children grow noble, capable, wise and independent. You help to see them dream and instilled confidence to fulfill them with an assuring smile. You spend your youth and energy making them grow properly without any rest or complain.

The day came your sincere endeavor got rewarded. Time flies fast and they grew and stood tall among all as you desired. But the unloving and ungrateful children forgot everything. Your effortless effort that made them talk and walk and face the world independently. They are now beyond your old hands can reach and touch. In your old age you are left alone without any support, concern and love. Your faded sight and wrinkled skin is still eagerly looking for their loving presence and touch. Every day from dawn till dusk you pray for the well being of your children and lives on a hope that they will come to you and become their old age strength till they are alive. But your unkind children live far away looking for an old age home for you. This is how they dethrone the God on earth..

Nature’s Extravaganza.....

After a short break sun reappears 
from the trapped rainy puffy clouds  
spreading radiance around slowly
by welcoming the day warmly

But clouds deny to escape fully
and hovers on ephemeral height
The affirming presence unfurls 
upon the canvas of sky high

Rain and sunshine having a fusion
a beautiful atypical phenomenon  
displays on the lap of horizon  
sprinkling rainbow’s passion 

Nature’s extravaganza 
personify beauty artlessly
The brief amusement danced 
in the cosmic distance
while world secretly snuggles 
the spree of moments 
and enfold the vision 
in the fold of memories
to cherish in the leisure..

Life Is An Illusion...

Life is an illusion upon which we float and cling as if it is real and eternal...The moment it drops its illusion we see the truth with naked soul..The realization is an eye opener that we are the sailors on this cosmic cycles and it is vicious..Drop the desperation, attachment, greed, jealous and hatred around and within which causes sufferings to life..Illuminate the light of love and compassion within that is eternal and sail with the power of peace and spread across..let this life be real and let us rip of its illusion from it...

Shore Of Time..Waves Of Life...

On the shore of time...
on the waves of life...
we move fast to the unknown.. 
leaving each moments behind..
memories get en-capsuled as routines...
while some remains..some fades..
without our consent..without our demand...
While we gaze back to the cheers and tears..
We feel, it slips through fingers as sand.. 
that can not remain on palm forever..

Soul Connection....

Out of seed 
plant grows.
Tiny bud sprouts
to bloom as flower

some bond forms
by unexpected seasons
out of life's wing
woven by destiny

The shade comforts
traveller's weariness
midst of journey
towards grave

soul is the mirror
and reflects connection
a common womb and same DNA
no more a requisition

world may label as strangers
as they are blind with eyes
yet unbroken string attached 
and truth beneath untouched..

Autumn Moon...

Twilight of 'Autumn moon' 
swinging on celestial wings
smiling in distance blessing us.
At times veiling behind, 
the passing clouds, as if, 
teasing our admiring glance.
every time I observe
this charisma, I ponder
Can anything be so charming 
as a full moon? I doubt..

Entree of splendid night 
envisages piousness of moon
who clad in white groovy gown
splashing dewy glow all over
and grooves with misty breeze 
by unveiling darkness of blanket
The dazzling display of vision
disrobed all illusory fantasy.
Her version is beyond lyrical 
and shines in perfect distinct..

Life A Canvas...

Life is a canvas,
all are painters
emotions are colours.

Brush lay on fingers, 
intent to express 
the undecided strokes.

Clumsy mind is wind, 
it lashes..sweeps..  
every moment's breath.

Love, anger, greed,
looming over life,
hues of contrast.

Midst of a reverie,
beneath remains,
a reality in disguise..

Without clue,
painting is on making, 
to lit it on painter's pyre..

20 Apr 2013

Hue Of Love...

My hue of love for you is unique..for you can never search it in rainbows..nor the fragrance you can get it in any flowers...

Wide Awake...

Lying awake on the lap of fresh morning...thoughts of you are fresh like dew on grass tip..delicate and dangling..I fear to touch..what if it may loose its grip and fall..let my heart cherish such wonderful feelings...

6 Mar 2012

A Living Enigma...!!

Woman is subtle, facile,
Eloquent is her language,
Enamouring is her spirit,
She, a real enchantress..!

Woman's heart, a dazzling flame,
Contains warmth of golden mist,
She looms as smoking ember,
Burning, giving and forgiving..!

Woman's soul is effervescent,
She beholds matchless intuition,
Her veil is mystic, demure,
That conceals rhythm of seasons..!

Woman's love is perennial,
Her emotions volatile, ajar,
She carry mesmerising aura,
And converse in poised vim..!

Decipher,  'a woman's life',
It is impregnable, gargantuan !
Her life, she lives valiantly,
Under inexplicable asphyxiation..!

Woman, 'A Living Enigma',
Lives in the evanescence of horizon,
Who swims in unclaimed light..
And shines as an elixir of life..!!

4 Mar 2012


The water is so clear that..
the boat seems to be floating on air...!

Divine Surrender...!!

The moment my soul expose to YOUR love,
Awareness made it shed all inhibitions,
Like petals of flowers that falls naturally,
Krishna, this surrender is beautiful..divine..!!


You captured me without my consent as if you are me..this entrapment left me in a deep embrace..I swam in that magical stream..My joy turned wings and flew like a spirit..it knows nothing, no boundaries..I landed up in a destination unknown.. where I danced in a state of trance...Perfect Bliss..!!

Transition Of Life..!!

Fragile life is dangling on the tread of death...an exit door of soul between each births...The essence of life lies in the supremacy of finding its purpose to erase this transition forever to merge with supreme soul..!

Echoes Of Laugh...!!

Shed the wetness of tear,
With the brightness of smile,
Let the dampness feel the shame,
And never let it return.

Chase the echoes of laugh,
With the fullness of life,
Let the joy fill your moments,
And never let it part with..!!


Challenge of change,
A whimsical chance,
Kept upon the shoulder,
Of human mankind,
Just face it and enjoy,
Grow and learn along,
Rather fear and complain,
Know it as a real blessing,
A true blessing in disguise,
On the way of life..!!

Vicious Cycle..!!

Spring blooms and wither,
Moon wanes and disappear,
The vicious cycle of nature,
Existence with conviction..!!


Words chasing in silence..
Yearning of wrapped emotions..
Waiting for a deep embrace..
Yet it remains unreachable..!!

Stillness Of Silence...!!

The stillness of silence,
Sparkles with divinity,
Beholds the sanctity,
Bore the whole secret.

'Aum' the cosmic music vibrates,
In the silence, in the stillness,
Is the sweet rhythm of breath,
That synchronises every soul.

The ether of soul is the same ether,
That expanse to the universal vastness,
That fills the consciousness of super soul,
That extends to infinity, to eternity..!!

Forever Abode....!!

Avalanche of thoughts flooding.. tossing in the cold valley of mind. It attacks by uneven edges in all the seasons insensitively. A sincere wish to silence this tumultuous, I sought refuge for an arena where thoughts can not exist..The strongest desire made me fall onto the lap of delicate calmness..It sucked the entire coldness of clamour that was deafening..I felt a soothing sensation never before.. Unattached completely from everything, everyone. That sense of lightness and completeness is beyond words. I could feel an invisible wings taking me to higher level. Luxury of tranquillity on the shore of peaceful lake leads to fireworks of blissful moments! I wish to remain there forever while making that my abode...!!

'Time'..An Illusion...!!

Time is nothing but an illusion,
The ticking sound is tricky,
The confusion starts with it,
The division creates chaos,
The altars of 'Present' born,
The 'Past' and the 'Future',
Sole virtual accessible elements,
But we remain slaves to altars,
Physical life belongs to present,
Yet, present is neglected big way,
By ruining essence of life,
A tragedy of sapiens..!!

String Of Life...!!

Unsung notes of music,
Escape with the breeze,
Lost in the distance,
The rhythmic sob plays,
On the string of silence,
In the background of life.

The shadow of memories,
Hidden in the embrace of past,
Shall bring old humming back,
From the breasts of despire,
Music trapped inside unveils,
Flows and sings to eternity..!

O' My Dreams...!!

A sweet feeling consumes me day and night,
And follows me as a shadow everywhere,
It plays hide and seek with my being,
And tickles me even in my deep slumber.

O' my dreams you live thousands ways in distance,
You fills rainbow's charm in those moments,
Come and be with me dare not to part,
Without you I would end up living a lifeless life..!

Eternal Spring...!!

Every soul is an eternal spring,
It emits fragrance of love,
Sings music of bliss,
Spreads breeze of joy,
Contains light of peace,.

It is a floating heaven,
Everyone owns by birth,
That lies in the depth
of divine silence so subtle.

A treasure remains invisible,
Thus make one feels so poor,
Until he finds his own richness..!

Universal Garden...!!

The fragrance of universal soul..
Brings relief to my deep longing..
It holds a lot ecstasy within..
Reveals much without uttering..
My sole search starts and never ends..
Erasing nothingness of time and space..
Till it merges with the flower of eternity..
In the universal garden where,
Thousands of spring bloom..!!

Poetic Glance...!!

My adorning imaginations
You always pass in front of my creative eyes
And how I look at you with surprised gazes
At times I immerse in your beautiful thoughts
And miss to grab you from my poetic glance
At times I try to pluck you to knit a beautiful poem
But often I fail to bring your authentic beauty in it..!!

21 Nov 2011

Hidden Treassure..!

Within my reach,
Lay a hidden treassure,
I am fully ignorant of,
It awaits to be found,
Till I have a clue of it !

Guiding Star...!

My tired gaze often looks carelessly,
As if to fathom life's indefiniteness,
But my glittering hope always catch,
A glimpse of a bright light looking at me,
Perhaps a 'Guiding Star' from heaven !


My aching arms stretch to embrace,
My dreams which is afar, unreachable,
But I refuse to surrender my helplessness,
And my 'WILL' stands with me as a 'Warrior' ! 


I recognise your firm footsteps,
Fading in the passing distance,
It makes my bossom so heavy,
and ends in an inevitable farewell !

Melody Of Eternity..!

Drifting on the tides of time,
Sailing beneath the azure sky,
A fragile life lying so below,
On the bank of mortality !

Promise of a delightful soul,
Floats in murmuring breeze,
It's perfume spreading trance,
A haunting melody of eternity !

Sweet Indulgence..!

In the sweet leisure of flying hours,
Dream whispers harmonious verse,
Under azure sky of steep height,
It sings with an undisturbed delight !


Eyes cant lie,
It reflects truth..
Heart cant lie,
Actions confirm feeling..
Words cant lie,
It carries emotions..
What adorn your lie
Is your sweet words..
Lie will rule until
You lack a conscience..

Night's Passtime..!

When sleep refuses,
to caress my eyes,
my desire slyly listen,
to the stars whispering.

Their blinking glitter,
reaches me quitely,
to share their secrets.

My wonder keeps me awake !


I am on a journey ,
To rediscover myself,
I uproot myths, exit flaws,
From the threashold of,
All false conditioning,
That made me unreal..
That gave me false ego..


Alone and yet not alone..
Lost and yet not lost..
Adrift in mixed blending..
Everywhere at once..
Yet nowhere at all..

Shades Of Joy..!!

No joy starves in silence,
Overwhelming cheer,
Hunts for a heart,
To get nourished with laugh,
It fleets in shade of echoes !

The Enigma..!!

The glorious soul glides,
Through the trivial life,
 The ordeal of the death,
Faces the fragility of life,
It fails to outlast mortality,
The enigma of universal law !

18 Nov 2011

Om Tat Sat...!!

Love ! Hey transparent beauty,
You are Truth, You are Divine,
The mysteriousness everyone chases,
What a magnetism You hold...!!

When You extend your embrace,
In all directions, to all beings,
It elevates an instantaneous glow,
An unknown, undefined grace !

You are impartial, inspirational,
Your language is unique, universal,
Words often lose its meaning, as if,

To reign in your own gloriousness..!

The bliss,joy, You behold as ether,
Is the divine source of every soul,

So the driving force of prana,
That belongs to its Supremacy..!

17 Nov 2011

Divine Transformation.....!!

Let me be a melting camphor in front of you,
Oh Krishna! How I wish to vaporise in your devotion,
My only wish and purpose of life, I do realize.

My senses silently listen to your rhythmic beats,
That I breathe and it flows in me every second,
Even in my unawareness I drink that awareness.

For your irresistible presence for which, I die,
I wonder, I was ever a peacock feather, you adorn,
Perhaps, ever a flute, you sing and never part with..

How many births I must have taken to live my wish?
Or, I must have been your Sudhama or your Gopi ?
I wish, had I ever been your Radha or your Meera !

Sometimes how I just love to let myself plunge,
Deep into the abyss of your bluish oceanic love,
To swim in that unknown joy of ecstatic bliss.

Your melodious flute is the recurring wave,
That sedates and in which I dance soulfully..
Your divinity cleanses all dirt of sins from me.

Oh my Lord ultimately.....
YOU transformed me to your worthiness...!!
Hare Krishna.....!!